F.O.R. Artist Showcase: Joanna Sabine

Joanna Sabine

 Joanna Sabine is a Mississippi singer/songwriter whose passionate style mixes the honest lyricism of Ani DiFranco and Tracy Chapman with the upbeat grooves of Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. A hopeless romantic, her songs reflect the emotional struggles of real people in real life situations. Born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, she lived the majority of her formative years in the small town of Columbia, MS where her father owns a local music store and plays in several bands. Joanna was well-steeped in the music of her father’s generation, as well as getting a healthy helping of the popular music of her generation. Both of these proved to be contributing factors in the development of her style. Joanna was introduced to playing music through her high school marching band in which she played percussion, going on to become one of the top high school drummers in the state. She picked up guitar her freshman year of college while studying Classical Percussion training at Delta State University. She began writing songs to help her learn guitar, and before long songwriting had become her new passion. It was then that she changed her direction from classical training, and more towards the modern styles of music and songwriting. Although her focus shifted, her relationship with all things percussive can still be subtly noticed in her rhythmic guitar style.

Today, Joanna spends her days as a full-time Music Industry Studies student at Delta State University, studying songwriting and music business under the faculty and staff at the Delta Music Institute, supplementing and balancing her school schedule with playing gigs and the typical “starving artist” waitress job. She also spends her time working with the Delta Music Institute’s Mobile Music Lab, a youth outreach program that brings music and music technology to students in the Mississippi Delta area. Joanna can be contacted through her facebook page.

If you liked “Letters From Buffalo”, check out Joanna’s peppy-er side, “I Miss You Like Whoa!” below!

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